Car Detailing San Diego

As car owners in san Diego, we all know the importance of having a good looking car. A spotless looking car with nice wheels and shiny body. Your car isn’t just a tool to move you around san diego , It’s a part of your identity, it’s literally who you are. If your car is showing any signs of decay or neglect, it can easily be restored with a good auto detail.

There are a variety of car detailing services that covers any solution you might need. From interior detail to exterior down to engine wash.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the process of reconditioning your car inside out to give it a look like it’s just arrived from the showroom. It’s a lot more detailed than a car wash; it involves using specialized tools and procedure to achieve the desired result

Do I need to get my car detailed?

Living in San diego can be hard on your car, If your car is showing its age, it may be time to consider auto detailing to restore that showroom appearance.

What is included in a car detailing ?

While these steps won’t give you all the needed information to completely detail your car, they make up a basic procedure so that you can consider whether you will be able to do this on your own and what you should prepare for.

Exterior detailing

Washing : with the help of a specialized high powered spray, the whole bod of the car is thoroughly washed.

Claying: this is done to remove any impurities on the car that couldn’t be removed with an ordinary detergent.

Polishing: this procedure gets rid of scratches on the surface of the car.

Waxing: this process gives the car an extra shine.

Interior detailing

Cleaning of surfaces: this includes cleaning of the dashboard, door pockets, glove box ,ash trays, steering wheel and cleaning of all plastic and Vinyl surfaces.

Vacuuming: this takes the dirt out of the vehicles interior completely.

Carpet cleaning : the carpets are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Others include: window cleaning and upholstery cleaning

car detailing sandiego

Add ons

  • Headlight Restoration
  • Tail Light Restoration
  • Vehicle Deodorizer
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Decal installation or removal
  • Pet Hair Removal

Should you detail your car by yourself?

A basic wash can be done yourself but there are several other services like: Sanding, paint correction, bug u0026amp; tar removal, engine bay dressing, thermal forging, leather/vinyl repair that need to be done by auto detailers who are professionals.

Considering the fact that an auto detail can take between 4 – 6 hours, are you really willing to do this all by yourself or leave it to the experts?

However, detailing your car yourself can be a rewarding task that could save you money.

What does a car detailing cost in Sandiego ?

A car detailing in sandiego ranges from $100 to $300 depending on vehicle size and add ons included. A basic car wash for an average sized vehicle can cost $50 – $90 but you should expect to pay more for a Van or SUV.

Car detailing services usually comes in packages which covers a range of interior and exterior detailing services.  Examples are:

Full interior: this includes carpet cleaning with shampoo and extractor, thorough cleaning of doors, dashboard and all nooks and crannies within the car

Exterior detail: washing of the body, tire and rims.

Full detail: includes the Full interior and exterior package

Premium: Full Interior detail, Detailed Wash + paint polish

Car Show Detail: Full Detail + paint correction to restore paint to mirror like finish

How long would it take to detail my car in sandiego ?

It’s highly recommended that you allow 4 – 6 hours to let the experts work their magic on your car.

How to choose an expert for a car detailing in San diego?

Once you’ve finally decided to get our car detailed, the last hurdle is choosing the best auto detailing service in San diego .

Ask for references : ask for references from family or close friends who just got their car detailed.

Do your homework: use google to get recommendations about the best detailers near. You .

Read up reviews :you can also use a recommendation site like yelp to get detailer recommendations. Make sure you read up reviews on these recommendations.

Check out before and after photos of their previous clients

If the prices are too good to be true,  it has trouble written all over it . RUN !

We have helped you through everything you need to know about detailing your car in San Diego and we won’t leave you stranded here as well.

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