Car detailing tucson

A lot of people assume car detailing in Tucson and a car wash are totally the same. However, this is not true. Auto detailing goes beyond the traditional car wash, it involves reconditioning your car inside and out to give your car a show room finish. Unlike a normal car wash, car detailing doesn’t involve the use of automated systems for cleaning; instead the cleaning is done using hands by well experienced auto detailers.

What is Included in a Car/Auto Detail in Tucson

Auto detailing is usually comprised of:  interior and exterior detailing coupled with some add-on services.

Exterior detailing: this detailing process involves restoration of the original state of the vehicle’s exterior.  This process includes: washing of the body, tires, cleaning of windows, wheels and other visible parts of the vehicle.  Most commonly used products for this process are detergents, wax, polish, sealants and degreasers.

Interior detailing:  as the name implies, it involves cleaning of the interior components of a car. Some of the interior elements include: plastic surfaces, vinyl, natural fibers and carbon fiber plastics. Cleaning the interior components of the vehicle requires different techniques like vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Interior Detailing

The inside should reflect what’s on the outside. This is the goal of interior detailing: let the exterior beauty reflect in the interior. Most car detailing efforts are usually concentrated on the exteriors, but the interiors also deserve equal attention too.  Interior detailing usually requires additional time and effort than exterior car detailing hence the reason it’s mostly ignored. A filthy/dirty interior is a big problem to the driver due to the odor and operational complications that can result from a dirty interior.

Interior detailing typically includes the following processes:

Vacuuming: the primary step to cleaning the inside of an automobile includes vacuuming the car seats, rear cargo space, headliners, trunk and shelf.  For best results, vacuuming is done twice, the floor interior and carpets are also separately cleaned. For the hidden areas that can’t be reached, an air compressor is used to remove all the dirt.

Cleaning of surfaces: this includes cleaning of all plastic, vinyl, natural fibers and carbon fiber plastics surfaces. This includes cleaning with a dry cloth to remove dust, dirt and stains from these surfaces.

Brushing and steam cleaning:  this process helps to get rid of any dirt, stains and blemishes on carpets, mats and floor interiors. After steam cleaning the carpets and mats, they are left to dry.

Glass cleaning: a recommended glass cleaner is used to clean all glass surfaces in the car. This gives the glass a sparkling look and ensures that the driver’s vision is not obscured.

Leather trimming:  a leather cleaner is used to clean all leather components of the vehicle.

Re-Vacuuming and wiping: this is done to take out any left inside the vehicle. The windows, dashboard and other surfaces are wiped clean to restore the vehicle’s original shine.

Deodorizing:  a deodorant is applied to the car which leaves the car smelling fresh and clean. In some auto detail shops, this procedure is offered as an add-on service.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing is a lot more than just washing of the exterior parts of a car. A good exterior detail done by a pro will take get rid of any scratches, swirls and restore the body color and finish.

The vehicle is first sprayed with a high-powered specialized spray to clean the body  , followed by hand washing the rims, glass and all other exterior components of the vehicle that needs to be cleaned.

A standard exterior detailing process typically includes:

Washing:  this process is completed by hand unlike a car wash.

Claying: with the use of a clay bar, any impurities and residues that couldn’t be removed with the normal detergent is completely gotten rid of.

Polishing: for a car that’s lost its “shine”, this process helps to restore its polish or shine.

Sealing/Waxing: this gives the vehicle an extra shiny look. Either a sealant or a wax can be used for this process.

Add-on services

These are stand-alone services that are not included in exterior and interior detailing. Although some maybe be included in either exterior or interior detailing packages depending on the detailer, they are mostly additional services with varying prices. These services include: smoke removal, engine bay dressing, bug & tar removal, thermal forging, pet hair removal, throw up or urine removal, dent repair , glass chip repair , paint touch-up  and other services. It always advisable to ask your detailer about the services included in their packages.

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost in Tucson

While the cost of detailing your car might cost almost the same in a city like Des Moines, the cost of detailing your car in Tucson depends on a range of factors. These include:

Vehicle size:  while an average sized car can cost $100 – $150 for a basic detail, expect to pay more for a truck or an SUV.

Packages:  car detailing in Tucson and around the states usually come in packages and these packages come in different prices.  A full detail which covers exterior and interior detailing can cost you around $249 – $299 while a premium detail with add-on services can cost $349 – $399. Showroom details are usually the most expensive;  $500 – $1,000

Add-ons:  add-on services can significantly increase the cost of your car detailing in Tucson.  More add-on services simply mean increased cost of detailing your car. 

Some add-on services and their prices:

  • Headlight restoration : $25
  • Curbed wheels:  starts at $200
  • Thermal fogging : $50

Benefits of Car Detailing in Tucson

Detailing helps your vehicle depreciate at a much lower rate. The body color is preserved; the interior is free of dirt and strange odor.  This helps preserve the value of your car and make it depreciate at an extremely lower rate.

You vehicle’s look is enhanced. A good detail enhances your vehicle’s look and gives it that showroom finish you really want.

Owner satisfaction and improved interior comfort

Less gas is used since the engine performs efficiently at its optimal levels when cleaned and free of dirt.

Haze and dirt are removed from the glass and windows to avoid obscured view; this therefore improves your own safety

How to choose a car detailing service in Tucson

Before you engage the services of an auto detailer in Tucson, make sure you’ve done your homework.

Read up reviews about the auto detailer on review sites like yelp

Go over what services are included in their packages

Make sure to ask about their pricing, ensure you have a budget and don’t go overboard.

Talk to an experienced and highly qualified auto detailer in Tucson. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have.