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There are several reasons to get your car detailed in Kansas city; from dull body color to signs of heavy use and mostly when everyone starts to laugh once you pull up at the driveway. Car detailing requires the services of a professional to make your car look its best. While this is a service totally recommended to the experts, there are other parts of detailing your car that you can get done by yourself.

A good auto detailing gives your car the best look it could ever have, it helps preserve its value and also prolong its life. So what is car detailing?  What services are included in car detailing? Are there any benefits to detailing your car? Should you do it yourself or leave it to the experts? Here’s an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about car detailing in Kansas City.

What is Car Detailing?

 Car detailing is often misunderstood as a basic car wash which is a total misconception. Car detailing involves a set of specialized process to make your car look its best inside and out. Some experts also call it the total reconditioning of your car to give it the showroom appearance. A lot of work goes into a car detail beyond a basic car wash.

Should I detail my car?

As car owners in Kansas City, we know how important it is to have your car looking good always.  A basic wash can be enough for a day to day use , but once your car starts showing some signs of heavy use , signs of scratches and swirl marks , dull body paint , strange odor  emanating from the car’s interior,  you need to get your car detailed.

Benefits of Car detailing in Kansas City

Apart from the improved look your car gets, there are other benefits of detailing your car.

Your vehicle’s value is preserved:  with a regular car detailing, your car’s body color is preserved, free from scratches and the interior looks as good as new. This helps preserve the value of your car if you intend to sell it in the future.

Improved safety: hidden faults within the car can be easily determined with a regular car detail. A clear windshield and side mirrors gives better vision and helps improve your safety.

Fuel economy is improved. Car detailing improves the fuel economy of your vehicle; your vehicle’s engine performs at optimum levels when cleaned and free of dirt, thereby improving your gas millage.

What’s included in a car detail in kansas city?

car detailing kansas city

Car detailing typically comprises of interior detailing, exterior detailing and add-on services.

Interior detailing

 This involves the total cleaning of the interior components of the vehicle. Although most detailing efforts are usually focused on the exterior parts of the car, the interiors need even more attention.

 Vacuuming: this gets rid of all dirt within the car. It removes dirt from the upholstery, carpets, dashboard and all nooks and crannies within the vehicle. For best results, this is usually done twice

Carpet cleaning: regular cleaning of the carpets helps take out germs and helps the carpet last longer

Window cleaning; streaks are gotten rid of with a good window cleaning

Leather trimming: with the use of a leather cleaner, all leather parts of the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned.

Perfuming: often added as an add-on service, a deodorant is added lastly to give the car a good smell.

Exterior detailing

This goes beyond just washing the exterior components of a car.  The first step to exterior detailing is the use of a specialized high-powered spray to clean the body. Next, the rims and all other exterior parts are washed by hand.

Exterior detailing typically includes;

Washing to get the car free of dirt

Claying to remove residues and impurities left on the body of car.

Polishing to restore the car’s shine

Sealing/Waxing to give the car an extra shiny appearance.


These are extra services not included in exterior and interior detailing. Although some detailing companies provide these services with their detailing packages, these services are mostly stand-alone services that can increase the cost of your car detailing in Kansas City.

These services include:

  • Leather/ Vinyl repair
  • Powder coating
  • Wheel repair
  • Pet hair removal
  • Urine / smoke removal
  • Decal installation or removal
  • Headlight restoration

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost in Kansas City

There are several factors that determine the cost/affordability of an auto detailing in Kansas City.  The main factors include:

The size of your vehicle: an average sized car can cost $75 – $150, but expect to fork out more for a truck or loader. The bigger the size of your vehicle, the higher the price.

Packages: detailing packages cater to several needs, taste and preference. All around Kansas City, auto detailing comes in different packages and prices. 

A complete detail package in Kansas City which covers the interior and exterior can cost $200-$299 while a premium detail with selected add-on detailing services can cost $349 -$399. Showroom detail prices cost the most; the price for a showroom detail can cost $599 -$1,000

Add-ons Included:  these stand-alone services add to the cost of your auto detail.  More add-ons simply mean increased cost.

A few add-on services and their prices:

  • Wet sanding : $80 per hour
  • Bent wheels – starts at $200/ wheel
  • Smoke, urine or throw up removal – starts at $100
  • Overspray – starts at $200
  • Headlight restoration: $25
  • Bug & tar removal : $20 per hour

How to choose a Car detailing Service in Kansas City

Have a clear goal in mind. Are you looking to detail the exterior/interior alone or do you want a full detail? Do you want your pet hair removed from your vehicle?  With this goal in mind, look for detailers that offer the specific services you want.

You can ask for references from close friends who recently got their car detailed. You can also look up online. But ensure to read reviews and ask questions

Ensure you have a budget and ask the auto detailer what services are included in their packages

Talk to a professional and experienced car detailer in Kansas City Today.

We are ready to answer any questions you have and give you the best car detailing experience in Kansas City.