People looking to book a car detailing in Ann arbor usually mistake an auto detail with a car wash. Both services include cleaning but car detailing goes beyond the exterior cleaning of the vehicle.

The goal of a car wash is to get rid of dirt, dust, mud and grime that collect on the surface of your car. This can include underneath your car, but rarely within the car.

A car detail on the other hand, aims to make your car look like the first time you bought it.  Car detailing involves a well-trained technician working with special equipment and products to restore your car to its original factory freshness.

What’s included In a car detail in Ann arbor?


 Every detailer has their own different approach to detailing, but the goal is always the same. While detailers may do their things differently, most auto details are the same. Car detailing comprises of two steps: interior detailing and exterior detailing.

Interior detailing

This usually takes more time to get done because the interior is the most neglected part of the cleaning process of a car.  Interior detailing process includes:

Cleaning of the carpets and trunk, glove compartments

Brushing and scrubbing of the mats, upholstery to remove stains and marks

Windows, door panels, dashboard are also cleaned with special cleaning agents

Other interior detailing services include: carpet cleaning, roof and visor cleaning, window cleaning and stain removal.

Exterior  detailing

The exterior of your car not only gives the first impression about your car, it also gives an impression about you the driver. Exterior detailing process includes:

High powered wash and dry of all exterior components of the vehicle

Claying: this is done with a clay bar, to remove every traces of overspray and residues on the body of the vehicle.

Polishing: this is done to restore the paint of the car.

Sealing: a sealant is applied to the body of the car to give the car a glossy finish.

Add-On services

These are services that are charged separately. Some auto detail companies may include any of these services as a part of their packages, but most of the services are charged separately and can significantly increase the cost of your car detail.

Some of services include:

Paint correction

Headlight restoration

Odor removal

Pet hair removal

Dent repair

Window tint

Leather repair

Wheel repair

How much does Car detailing cost in Ann arbor

The cost of getting your car detailed in Ann arbor depends on certain factors.

Vehicle size:  the size of your vehicle is determines the cost of your auto detail to a great extent.A larger vehicle will cost more than a normal sized SUV

Packages:  auto detailing in Ann arbor usually comes in packages that you can choose from.  These different packages also come in different prices; A basic detail may cost you $100 -$150 , a premium detail will cost more than a basic detail while a showroom detail will cost more than a premium detail.

Add-ons:  add-ons can significantly increase the total cost of your auto detail. When you include more add-ons in your detailing, you increase the cost.

Benefits of Car detailing

According to research, germs have an effect on the air quality of your vehicle to an extent. With an auto detail the air quality in your car is improved and you enjoy better interior comfort.

Regular detailing of your vehicle preserves its value.

You get improved fuel economy as your car engines performs at its optimal levels.

Car detailing makes you aware of possible safety hazards your vehicle may have been susceptible to.

How to choose a car detailing service in Ann arbor

Once you’ve finally decided to get your car detailed in Ann arbor, the next step is choosing a highly qualified and experienced detailer.

Get recommendations from friends or families who recently got their car detailed. You can also use review sites the yelp to find a local detailer

Services: whether you need an basic , premium or showroom detail,  ensure you understand the services offered by the detailer.

Price: make sure you have a budget and you stick with it

Mobility: an auto detail service can take between 3-6 hours to get the job done, with mobile car detailing your car can be dropped off for a fee or as a complimentary service

Talk to a qualified auto detailer in Ann arbor today. We are ready to answer any questions you have